A titanic network to monitor the ocean

Our oceans make up around 70% of the Earth's surface, but until recently, they remained a deep mystery. Now researchers are able to monitor them over the internet in real time.

Laying down fibre-optic cables to your house is tricky enough, but imagine the difficulties encountered when trying to get the internet to the bottom of the ocean.

The Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) has been doing just that. With almost 1000 kilometres (620 miles) of cable, they have enabled scientists, and the whole world, to monitor this alien world from their laptops.

The ONC hopes that by connecting the deep sea to the internet on such a huge scale, we can develop a much deeper understanding of our oceans and the marine life that lives within them.

Mega Builds is a video series from BBC Future looking at giants of engineering from around the globe.

Video script: Henry Roberts