Patung di Bandara Thailand Dipindahkan

Statues on the Move at Thai Airport

Image caption Para pemrotes di Bandara Don Muang Bangkok 2008

12 large statues of demon spirits are being moved to new positions in Thailand's main international airport. But it's not clear if the reason lies in aesthetics or superstition.

Reporter: Rachel Harvey

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You would have thought it hard to miss one six metre high, scowling demon, let alone 12. But the authorities at Bangkok's main airport say they're relocating their spirit statues to the check-in area, where they're thought more likely to be noticed and appreciated by passengers.

Local media are reporting the real reason for the move is that airport staff had come to believe the figures, collectively worth almost a million dollars, had brought them bad luck. Last year the airport was blockaded for eight days by political protestors, resulting in a big loss in earnings.

But moving the statues is not a matter to be taken lightly. Buddihsts believe the demons to be symbols of anger, strength and power. Some astrologers are warning that shifting them to a new location might bring more bad luck and have suggested a safer option might be simply to turn them around to face a different direction.

Rachel Harvey, BBC News, Bangkok

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hard to misstidak mungkin terlewat scowlingcemberut, menunjukkan wajah marah let aloneapalagi, jangankan relocatedmemindahkan blockadeddiblokade resulting in a big loss in earningsmengakibatkan kerugian besar not a matter to be taken lightlymasalah yang harus dipikirkan dengan serius demons to be symbols setan menjadi simbol astrologers ahli nujum shifting them to a new location memindahkan ke lokasi yang baru