Bekerja dapat cegah pikun

Working protects against dementia

Image caption Bekerja dapat membantu cegah pikun.

A new study in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry suggests that carrying on working into old age, rather than occupation or education, can help protect against dementia.

Reporter: Adam Brimelow

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The study looked at nearly 400 men who developed Alzheimer's disease. It assessed the time they spent in full-time education, the type of work they did and the point at which they retired.

The researchers detected no link between the onset ofdementia and education or occupation. But they found that every extra year at work was associated with a six week delay in Alzheimer's. They say this points to the value of keeping the brain active by working.

They also acknowledge that the nature of retirement is changing, and for some people it may be as intellectually stimulating as working. The Alzheimer's Research Trust, which funded the study, says more people than ever retire later in life to avert financial hardship, but there may be a silver lining: lower dementia risk. However it says much more research is needed in order to understand how to delay or prevent dementia.

Adam Brimelow, BBC News

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mulai menderita



detected no link

tidak menemukan hubungan

the onset of



pikun, berkurangnya kemampuan intelektual otak secara berangsur-angsur

was associated with

menyebabkan / berhubungan dengan

points to the value of

bagus untuk, berdampak positif

the nature of retirement is changing

kebiasaan setelah pensiun mengalami perubahan

intellectually stimulating

merangsang kemampuan intelektual

a silver lining

manfaat, keuntungan