Mengunduh secara ilegal

Illegal downloads

Image caption Tujuh juta orang di Inggris mengunduh secara ilegal.

Around seven million people in the UK are involved in illegal downloads at huge cost to the economy - but changing attitudes is going to be tough. A report warns that criminalising people who download illegally may not be the right course.

Reporter: Rory Cellan-Jones

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The report for a body advising the government on copyright looks at consumer attitudesto illegal downloading. Researchers found 1.3 million people online on just one file-sharing network on a weekday and worked out that over a year, they were getting free access to material worth 120 billion pounds.

The report says seven million people who download illegally in the UK can't all be students, older people must alsobe involved. But it says there's uncertainty about what is or is not illegal, and the fact that so much on the internet is free only adds to the confusion.

The report warns the government that criminalising downloaders could have huge economic costs and might not even work.

Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC

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organisasi, institusi


hak cipta

consumer attitudes to

sikap konsumen terhadap

getting free access to

bebas mengakses / mendapatkan akses bebas ke

must also be involved

juga harus dilibatkan

there's uncertainty about

ada ketidakpastian mengenai

adds to the confusion

menambah kerumitan