Jobs Mourned in China

Terbaru  10 Oktober 2011 - 22:56 WIB
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs saat memperkenalkan iPad

In China fans of Apple have been reacting to the death of the company's co-founder Steve Jobs.

Martin Patience

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At Beijing's flagship Apple Store they switched off the company's famous icon at midday. It was a tribute to Steve Jobs the visionary who had created a truly global brand. Flowers were laid at the entrance of the store. Some came to shop but others are gathered to pay tribute.

Speaker 1
"I just found out this morning from the news that Mr Jobs has passed away, so this is why I came here. I wanted to buy some flowers myself but I couldn't find where."

Speaker 2
"I'm kind of a diehard fan of Apple. It's really really sad to see that Steve Jobs passed away. This man I think really influenced the way I think, the way I observe the world. I really can't say how grateful I am to him."

Many Apple products are made in China. But unlike other western brands Apple is a household name here. Its iPhones and iPads are snapped up by the growing middle class. More than 35 million Chinese internet users also tweeted about his death.

Steve Jobs was a man who was idolised around the globe and many here say his vision helped connect the world.

Martin Patience, BBC, Beijing

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yang paling penting

a tribute



seseorang yang memiliki intelijensia dan imajinasi yang tinggi

to pay tribute to

memberikan penghormatan kepada

passed away

meninggal dunia

a diehard fan of

seorang penggemar setia

a household name

produk yang dikenal luas


laku dalam jumlah besar secara cepat


menulis pesan di situs jejaring sosial Twitter

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