Superman comic's record price

Terbaru  5 Desember 2011 - 19:31 WIB
Superman comic

The first edition of Action Comics fetched a little over $2 million in an online auction.

An original edition of the first comic book to feature the character Superman has sold for a world record price of $2.1 million.


Steve Kingstone

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When it appeared on newsstands 73 years ago, the first edition of Action Comics cost just ten cents. The cover design showed a well-built man in blue tights and a red cape, smashing a car against a rock.

Superman was introduced to readers as a "champion of the oppressed," who could "run faster than an express train."

Only a hundred copies of that first issue survive. And for comic buffs this one was in breathtakingly good condition.

In an online auction it fetched a little over $2 million, a world record for a comic. The buyer remains anonymous. The seller is rumoured to have been the actor Nicolas Cage.

Connoisseurs of the comic world say this type of investment has become popular during troubled economic times because rare collectibles hold their value more reliably than property or shares.

Steve Kingstone, BBC News


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newsstands: kios koran

the cover design: gambar sampul

the oppressed: pihak yang tertindas

buffs: penggemar berat

breathtakingly good condition: dalam kondisi sangat prima

fetched: laku

anonymous: tidak diketahui namanya

Connoisseurs: ahli dalam meneliti karya-karya seni

collectibles hold their value: nilai barang-barang koleksi

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