Chileans told to take off ties

Terbaru  26 Desember 2011 - 17:06 WIB

President Sebastian Pinera (left) is seen without wearing a tie.

The government in Chile has come up with a new way of saving energy.

It's advised Chilean men to take off their ties during the summer months, so they won't need to switch on the air conditioning.


Gideon Long

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It's a common sight during the Southern Hemisphere summer to see Chilean men sweltering in suits and neckties.

From December to March, the temperature in the capital regularly tops 30 degrees Celsius. In the bone-dry north of the country it gets even higher.

So the government's told the country's menfolk to shed their ties, undo their top buttons and turn down the air conditioning.

It estimates that by doing so Chile can save around US$ 10 million during the four hottest months of the year, and save 120,000 tonnes in carbon emissions.

The government launched its initiative with a video in which four ministers ripped off their ties. Energy conservation is a key issue in Chile, which, unlike many countries in Latin America, produces virtually no oil and gas.

It relies heavily on hydro-electric power, but that often runs low during the summer, when the country's reservoirs are frequently hit by drought.

Gideon Long


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the Southern Hemisphere summer: musim panas di belahan Bumi selatan

sweltering: merasa sangat panas

bone-dry: kering sekali

menfolk: kaum laki-laki

to shed something: melepas

carbon emissions: emisi karbon

launched its initiative: meluncurkan prakarsa

energy conservation: upaya mengurangi pemakaian listrik

hydro-electric power: pembangkit listrik tenaga air

drought: kekeringan

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