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Terbaru  26 Juni 2012 - 16:01 WIB
floyd mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Junior pocketed $85 million from his two fights.

The latest list of the world's highest paid sportsmen is headed by two boxers. Floyd Mayweather Junior, who is serving a jail sentence for domestic violence, was the highest paid over the past year.

He's followed by the Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao. Tiger Woods, who's been on top since 2001, has slipped to third place.


Alex Capstick

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So the best paid sportsman over the past year is in prison. Floyd Mayweather Junior, otherwise known as "the money", pocketed $85 million from his two fights. He's now taking an enforced break while he serves a three-month sentence for domestic battery.

He will return to the ring after his release but not to face the man who was in second place. That's because Manny Pacquiao, who made $62 million, lost his World Welterweight title last month. The mega bout all boxing fans have craved for remains only a distant possibility.

The list compiled by Forbes Magazine took into account prize money and endorsements. A drop in sponsorship earnings meant Tiger Woods fell to third place, after his decade-long reign on top.

David Beckham, who plays in the unheralded US league, was the highest ranked footballer. He scooped $47 million. American football is the most heavily represented sport with 30 NFL players in the top 100. The list featured only two women, both tennis stars - Russia's Maria Sharapova and China's Li Na.

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pocketed: menerima

enforced: dipaksa

to face: menghadapi

mega bout: pertandingan besar

craved for: sangat ditunggu

endorsements: kegiatan promosikan

sponsorship: pendapatan dari iklan

reign: dominasi

unheralded: tidak terlalu dikenal

scooped: mendapatkan

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