Queen visits the BBC

The queen visits nbh
Image caption Queen Elizabeth II officially opens New Broadcasting House.

The British Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, has officially opened the BBC's new headquarters.

The Queen, who is commemorating sixty years since her coronation, took a tour of the newsroom and met journalists from the World Service. She also made an announcement live on air to declare Broadcasting House open.


Tom Esslemont


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The Queen first visited Broadcasting House in 1939. Back then she was a young princess, accompanying her father King George VI and her mother, Queen Elizabeth. Fourteen years later she was crowned.

In her six decades as Queen, the BBC's headquarters have seen many changes and challenges. During the Second World War the iconic art deco facade was damaged in the Blitz. Producers and announcers regularly took cover in a special air raid bunker. Since then, some of the building's wood panelled offices have been made famous by those who worked in them. Room 101 gave George Orwell inspiration for his novel 1984.

In recent years, Broadcasting House has had a one-and-a-half billion dollar revamp. The Queen will see the state-of-the-art glass fronted extension and inspect the BBC's multi-media newsroom.


Listen to the words

crowned: dinobatkan

iconic: terkenal dan menjadi simbol

facade: bagian depan gedung

bunker: bunker, tempat berlindung

inspiration: inspirasi

revamp: pembangunan, perubahan

state-of-the-art: modern, dengan teknologi mutakhir

multi-media: memakai berbagai jenis media seperti televisi, radio, internet