Artist buries gold on British beach

Gold hunters in Folkestone Hak atas foto Getty
Image caption Many people have gone to Folkestone beach to dig for gold.

A great number of people have gone to Folkestone beach in the South East of England to dig for gold after a German artist announced he's buried 30 bars worth £10,000.

The initiative is part of a local art festival.


John Maguire


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Buried beneath the golden sands of Folkestone are 30 tiny pieces of not silver, but gold. It's part of a project by the German artist Michael Sailstorfer, who buried the treasure by hand and there's no map.

There are two sizes – one worth around £250 and the other around £500 – and it's finders keepers for anyone lucky enough to unearth one.

Beachcombers with metal detectors are out in force. But the artist has also buried metal washers to try to level the playing field.

It's thought some gold may already have been found, but there's plenty left in this art installation. It's called Folkestone Digs and it's certainly living up to its name.


Listen to the words

beneath: di bawah

finders keepers: hak pemilikan diberikan kepada orang yang menemukan

unearth: menggali

beachcombers: orang yang mencari nafkah dengan mencari barang-barang berharga di pantai

out in force: berdatangan dalam jumlah besar

art installation: seni instalasi dalam bentuk menggunakan objek yang kadang dilengkapi dengan suara dan gambar

living up to: melekat terus

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