Las marcas más exitosas

Image caption Según el informe, Coca-Cola sigue siendo la marca más exitosa

Most valuable brands

The global recession has reduced the value of some of the world's biggest brand names, according to a recent report. The report finds some car and luxury product manufacturers have been seriously hit by the economic downturn.

Reporter: Mark Gregory

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It's hard to put a financial value on a well-known corporate name but every year the marketing consultancy Interbrand has a go. For example, it claims the world's top brand Coca-Cola is currently worth $68bn, a couple of billion dollars less than 12 months earlier.

Its latest survey suggests the recession has had a considerable impact on the corporate pecking order. Car companies, such as BMW and Toyota, along with Harley Davidson motorcycles, have seen above average declines in the value of their brands - as have some luxury firms, like watchmakers Cartier and Rolex, and Armani clothing. The lesson seems to be consumers don't value expensive things they don't actually need to buy so much when times are hard.

Meanwhile, firms associated with relatively cheap products - McDonalds fast food and Kellogg's cornflakes, for example - have seen the value of their brands rise relative to others in the recession. The Google brand has also done well - maybe that's because more people are bargain-hunting on the internet.

According to the survey, the world's five most valuable brands are Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, General Electric and Nokia, unchanged from last year.

Mark Gregory, BBC News

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to put a financial value on estimar el valor de algo

has a gotrata de hacerlo

top brandmarca más exitosa has had a considerable impact on the corporate pecking order ha tenido un impacto en la jerarquía de las compañías

have seen above average declineshan sido afectadas por reducciones más altas

luxury firmsempresas que producen artículos de lujo

the lesson seems to bela lección parece ser que

associated with empresas asociadas (con la producción de bienes más baratos)

bargain-hunting(se dedica a) buscar gangas