Sarah Ferguson 'se disculpa'

Sarah Ferguson 'sorry' for the bribe deal

Sarah Ferguson has been keeping a low profile while visiting Hollywood after a newspaper secretly filmed her trying to sell access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.

The dispute has fascinated the country for years.

Reporter: Rajesh Mirchandani

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She's not normally camera-shy but a tired-looking Sarah Ferguson avoided reporters on her arrival at Los Angeles airport. And again later when she was due to be the star of a Hollywood red-carpet event, honoured by a childrens' charity for her humanitarian work. But her efforts to help others have been overshadowed by her attempts to help herself and Ms Ferguson sneaked in to collect her award.

She has said she's sorry after a newspaper secretly filmed her offering access to Prince Andrew for half a million pounds. There's no suggestion he knew of her plan.

In the past Sarah Ferguson has been an author, TV presenter and film producer. But her media company recently collapsed with large debts. She admitted money problems but said they were no excuse for a serious lapse in judgement. This attempted deal, though not illegal, may have gone too far.

Rajesh Mirchandani, BBC News, Los Angeles

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camera-shy reacia a que le saquen una foto

red-carpet event evento especial donde los invitados caminan por una alfombra roja

humanitarian worktrabajo humanitario

overshadowed byeclipsados por

to help herselfservir sus propias necesidades

sneaked inse metió a escondidas

collapsed with large debtsfracasó con enormes deudas

admitted money problemsconfesó que tenía problemas financieros

a serious lapse in judgementun fuerte error de criterio

have gone too farpodría haber ido demasiado lejos