Samoa cambia la hora

Última actualización: Miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Samoa to change its time zone

Una playa en Samoa

The Pacific island of Samoa is planning to move forward to a different time zone to help boost business. Samoa is currently 21 hours behind Australia, which is one of its biggest trading partners. The change in time zone is due to happen later in 2011.

Mike Wooldridge

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When Samoa put itself on the east side of the international dateline back in 1892, it was apparently to do same-day business with Californian traders across the Pacific. Now the main trading partners are nearby New Zealand and Australia and countries in East Asia.

But on Sunday when Samoans are in church, cities such as Sydney and Brisbane are already into Monday and the new working week. And while Samoans are still doing business on Friday, Australians and New Zealanders have already begun their weekend.

There will be a price to pay: Samoa markets itself as the last place on earth to witness each day's sunset. But to compensate, the prime minister has another proposition for those who enjoy travel curiosities. By making a flight of less than an hour from the US territory of American Samoa, which isn't moving across the dateline, it will be possible to celebrate the same day twice - and on the same date, have two birthdays, two anniversaries or even two weddings.

Mike Wooldridge, BBC News

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the international dateline
la línea del cambio de fecha

same-day business
actividad comercial que se negocia en un sólo día


in church
(están) en la iglesia

into Monday
(ya es) lunes (y todavía domingo en Samoa)

a price to pay
un resultado negativo

to compensate
compensar por


travel curiosities
experiencias interesantes o sorprendentes


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