World Cup 2010: Your teams' performances

The World Cup in South Africa moves on to the next round as the 32 teams that started in the tournament have been whittled down to 16.

A panel of BBC News website readers have spoken about what the World Cup means to them.

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At the half way stage, we return to our readers to find out how their respective countries have reacted to their sides' performances.

Artur de Freitas, Johannesburg, South Africa

The host nation is out the tournament. Their 2-1 victory against France was not enough to see them advance to the last 16.

The opening day, with a draw against Mexico, was a South African dream come true. It was justice after years of anxiety, anticipation, set-backs and hard work.

The chances of South Africa progressing were always slim and every South African reacted graciously with a show of civic maturity, highly praising the team.

And the vuvuzelas go on as we lead the world in celebrating the greatest show on Earth. A World Cup in Africa is a novelty cherished by South Africa and Africa in general.

It is exciting to watch "underdogs" beating football power nations, for this unexpectedly gives life to the tournament and motivates "underdogs" to bring the sport to new levels of competitiveness. It is a wake-up call to power nations that focus on their billionaire league championships to the detriment of national pride.

It seems easier to import talent than to invest at home and export fully trained stars to World Cup opponents. The English are professionals at that, followed by the French, whose national team was at one stage half of the Arsenal team.

Elias Kostopoulos, Athens, Greece

Greece have been eliminated from the tournament as they failed to win two of their three group matches.

After beating Nigeria, the mood at home was lifted as everyone was secretly hoping for a repeat of the team's performance in Euro 2004. Having said that, it was well known that Argentina were formidable opponents, who should not be underestimated, therefore people were very cautious and restrained in their predictions.

We are disappointed, but at the same time we all know that beating Argentina would have been very difficult. There is a feeling of acceptance. We were not defeated by an "outsider", we were competing against one of the best teams in the world.

It is important to focus on the good side - it was the first time Greece won a game at the World Cup.

The Greeks love football and will keep watching the tournament until the end. It would have been nice to have our team still in it, but it doesn't change the fact that the World Cup will remain in the headlines in this country while it lasts.

Kyungho Rhee, Seoul, South Korea

South Korea are through to the last 16 despite just one win in the group matches. The team will face Uruguay in the next round.

It is heralded as a large feat by the team because it is the first time we have reached the last 16 away from home. We only achieved that when we co-hosted the World Cup with Japan in 2002.

The group game against Nigeria was broadcast live at 3:30 in the morning, and it has been suggested that 4.3 million people took to the streets to cheer our nation's progress, watching on large outdoor screens. Roads in downtown Seoul were closed once again because of the number of supporters.

After the final whistle the atmosphere was euphoric despite many supporters having to go to work three and a half hours after the game.

South Korea is famous for its media encouraging its national teams. Special praise came once again for the work ethic of the skipper, Ji-Sung Park of Manchester United. The media is also spurring the team to relive the memories of the 2002 World Cup.

Our next game against Uruguay springs unwelcome memories of the last encounter with another South American team, Argentina, when they beat us 4-1 in the second group stage game. Despite the threat, many South Koreans believe we will be better equipped this time and progress to the quarter-finals.

Although there are still bad relations with the North, many of us supported the North Koreans. A lot of us watched the last match between North Korea and Portugal, and we were thoroughly disappointed with the demolishing of the North (7-0). As one South Korean put it, "We still support them because we are still the same people". But comments on the North Korean team have dwindled, drowned in the success of South Korea.

Igor Zokic, Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia failed to qualify for the next round, finishing at the bottom of their group table.

As a country, we are in state of shock and disbelief. I certainly expected Serbia to beat Australia - and that could have led to quite an easy route for us all the way to the semi final.

The tournament was a story of ups and downs. I and the rest of the country were a bit disappointed as well as skeptical regarding our chances after we lost to Ghana. We all expected that we should have won that game, but we lost.

After we beat Germany, we all started once again to praise our team. Now, we are once again disappointed with the team - the players and the manager. That's what it's like in Serbia; when they win we glorify them and when they lose, we are prepared to crucify them!

Despite Serbia's exit, football remains the number one passion in the country. We do not have our own competitive football league, so everyone is used to watching all the top games in the English Premier League and the Italian and Spanish leagues. All the football matches are shown here for free, so we get the pick of the very best football to watch.

So we will continue to watch the World Cup with great interest. In fact, some of my friends are actually relieved that Serbia are out - as they can now enjoy the football without the tension and worry of how our own team is doing!

Ed Strafford, Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand were the only undefeated team who did not go through to the next round. All three of their group stage matches resulted in draws.

Ed Strafford

I watched all of New Zealand's games. Wild horses would have failed in any attempt to prevent me watching them.

The tiredness at work and my use of a half day's annual leave were well worth it. Many of my colleagues also watched as the group progressed, leading to a happy but tired workplace.

After the Italy game it was clear that it was possible to get to the next phase. As the Paraguay game progressed we remained in contention for a place until the final whistle. The team far exceeded our expectations and has set new ones. They belonged on this stage, as proved by finishing above Italy!

The country is expressing delight via the media. The draw versus Italy led the evening news with a 13-minute long piece. I've seen a number of cars around town with "All Whites" flags - never seen before here. The All Whites are the dominant single café conversation in Wellington.

As the players are returning in dribs and drabs, there may not be huge crowds at the airport, but there will be fans there and the media will be all over it.

There is talk of a government reception when the squad returns, and a ticker-tape parade is being planned.

If Football New Zealand manages things well, there will be significant and sustainable gains in player numbers, media coverage, fan interest, and player development. Capitalising on the current interest is vital.

This World Cup is the biggest ever in terms of New Zealand's interest, which is great for football in this country.

Ligia Maria Aguilar, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Honduras struggled in a tough group. The team exited South Africa without having scored a goal, although they did get one point in a goalless draw in their final game.

As I suspected, big companies that support the current government spent loads of money following the football team and giving out the message of reconciliation that we are all one country.

But we have to recognise that our team didn't score one goal in the whole tournament. The entire nation is in low spirits. You could feel the sadness and the silence - hotels and restaurants were full of people watching the games but, when they finished, there was not a soul in the streets.

We knew that we didn't qualify in good shape, but people had high hopes.

I find it very interesting that the football giants have been eliminated and that the rest of the Latin American countries are doing so well.

It is ironic. Even if we were the only Latin American country not to qualify, we do feel proud that the world is looking to the south. People who supported the coup and the new government and people who don't are united on this.

People who supported the coup and are against the Brazilian government (which offered asylum to deposed President Manuel Zelaya) will support the Brazilian team. Football is football.

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