Police in Nottinghamshire give new World Cup warning

Football troublemakers will be dealt with firmly, Nottinghamshire Police have said after arrests in the county.

Five people were arrested for incidents during England's vital match against Slovenia.

But none of these were for breaches of Football Banning Orders, which oblige known troublemakers to visit police stations on match days.

Senior officers said everyone had a right to enjoy games without fear.

More than 60 people in Nottinghamshire are subject to banning orders, which also prevent them from travelling to tournaments abroad.

Asst Chf Constable Ian Ackerley said the vast majority of fans were to be praised and while five arrests was a relatively low number, they would not relax their approach.

He added: "We will take a firm stance with anyone who causes trouble or behaves in a way that causes distress to others.

"We want people to be able to enjoy the football without fear of violence whether they are at home or in the pub."

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