Leicester City Council warns of park barbecue ban

No BBQ fine
Image caption Fines for lighting illegal BBQs is £500

Anyone caught having a barbecue in Leicester's parks, except for in designated areas, faces a fine of up to £500, Leicester City Council warned.

The hot weather prompted the council to remind residents of a bylaw banning barbecues in its parks which was adopted in April 2009.

Parks manager Stewart Doughty said: "Part of the problem for us is people have barbecues and damage the grass."

Damage to bowling greens and cricket squares had been "costly", he said.

There has been a designated barbecue area in Watermead Park since May.

Mr Doughty added: "Some inconsiderate people have left the barbecues on the grass - which could be a problem if children or dogs go up to them when they are still hot."

Meg Kedie, 23, a University of Leicester student who lives in Clarendon Park, and uses Victoria Park, said barbecues should not be banned.

She said: "I don't think barbecues are the problem - it's the litter they cause, that's the issue, so as long as people deal with that they should be allowed."

But Hossam Elsisy, 30, from Clarendon Park, added: "Barbecues shouldn't be allowed - it's important for the park to look nice and I want to see the plants rather than people messing around and litter."

Mr Doughty said: "People used to just set up those tray barbecues on the wooden picnic tables and end up setting fire (to them) and ruining them."

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