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Man admits slash and stab attack

High Court in Glasgow
Image caption Both victims were left disfigured by the attack

A man has admitted stabbing and slashing a soldier and his friend before going on the run for three years.

Ross Craig, 28, launched the unprovoked attack on Robert Picken and Craig McLean in Glasgow in October 2006.

The High Court in Glasgow heard how he failed to turn up for trial in 2007 and was finally traced by police earlier this year.

Sentence on Craig, who is in Barlinnie, was deferred until later this month.

The court heard how Mr Picken, who was a serving soldier at the time, and Mr McLean had been trying to hail a taxi home when the attack happened.

Facial scars

Both men passed Craig and a friend at Pitt Street, at its junction with St Vincent Street, when they came across a man who was bleeding from a head wound.

They thought Craig and his friend may have been responsible for the man's injuries and questioned them.

Craig then ran towards Mr Picken and Mr McLean. He scuffled with Mr McLean and stabbed him twice and slashed him on the face.

When Mr Picken came forward to help his friend he was slashed on the face and stabbed in the chest.

Both victims recovered but were left with facial scars after the assault.

In court, Craig admitted assaulting both men to their severe injury and permanent disfigurement by slashing and stabbing them.

He also pleaded guilty to failing to turn up for a High Court trial in August 2007.

Craig's plea of not guilty to a charge of having a false passport was accepted by the Crown.

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