Confidential insight into Raoul Moat

Police gave a confidential briefing to journalists, two days before Raoul Moat shot himself during a stand-off with officers, which gave insights into his personality and behaviour. This information can now be reported.

"There is evidence to support the following anti-social personality traits - irritability and aggressiveness.

He has demonstrated a long-standing belief that the police with the assistance of other agencies, have persecuted and harassed him.

He has indicated significant unhappiness with misreporting by the media, believing the police to have manipulated the media deliberately.

As a result of this he has threatened to harm members of the public for each inaccuracy he perceives.

Mr Moat does not demonstrate impulsivity. He does demonstrate rigid and inflexible thinking with a failure to consider all potential solutions to the problem he faces.

'Destabilising Factors'

Even the fact that the risk assessment has been completed by professional psychologists has the potential to destabilise Mr Moat given his previously expressed unhappiness with the involvement of other professional psychologists in family proceedings.

Other destabilising factors include:

  • Inaccurate information reported by the media
  • Insult to sense of self as being important and not being listened to or taken seriously
  • Not being treated with respect
  • Sense of loss of control
  • Sense of being manipulated, wound up
  • Physical circumstances impacting on his physical, psychological well being
  • Perceived malicious intent

The likelihood of Mr Moat being exposed to destabilisers of this nature is high.

In the short to medium term future it is our opinion that the risk factors we have identified adds support for the conclusion for a high risk of future violent conduct."

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