Welcome to my new pages

Welcome to my new page on the BBC News website.

To those of you who have made the journey here from my Viewfinder blog I hope you will find the new format agreeable, and I offer a warm welcome to any newcomers.

Within these pages I intend to explore various aspects of photography, both its practice and the way images are used by news organisations such as the BBC. I will also be showcasing the work of both professional and amateur photographers, and indeed running some of my own work too from time to time. I hope it will offer a varied mix and one that you will enjoy.

This will also be the home of our weekly themed galleries of pictures by our readers. I hope you will take part.

I'm always open for suggestions and would love to hear about your photographic work and projects, so do drop me a line. You can reach me at viewfinder@bbc.co.uk

For those of you on Flickr you can find me under the username blinkofaneye and you can follow my occasional foray into street photography on my photo blog Traces of life.

I'm also a member of the British Press Photographers' Association.