As it happened: Israel soldier 'captured'

Key points

  • Israeli troops searching for a soldier they think was seized by Hamas militants in a firefight
  • The violence ended a 72-hour ceasefire - each side accusing the other of breaking the truce
  • The truce crumbled two hours after coming into effect at 05:00 GMT
  • Gaza officials say the death toll for Palestinians is now 1,500
  • Peace talks in Cairo aimed at securing a more permanent ceasefire are now in doubt
  • All times BST (GMT +1)

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Last updated 1 August 2014


Welcome to the BBC's coverage of the Gaza conflict. Israel has announced it is resuming operations in Gaza following the collapse of a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire. The end of the truce - mediated by the US and UN - came two hours after firing ceased at 05:00 GMT. It follows a militant attack into Israel after which Israelis killed at least eight people near the Rafah border crossing in the southern tip of Gaza.


The Israeli army says it has warned residents to stay indoors.


Some 1,460 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have died in the conflict and 63 Israelis, mostly soldiers.


Israel says it aims to stop rocket attacks by Palestinian militants in Gaza and remove the threat of being attacked from the tunnels.

Hamas wants a blockade of Gaza, maintained by both Israel and Egypt, to be lifted.


"Once again the terror organisations in Gaza flagrantly violating the ceasefire to which they committed themselves," Israeli officials said moments before the resumption of the Israeli response was announced.


The Times of Israel reports that a senior Israeli official has said that Maj Gen Yoav Mordechai contacted UN envoy Robert Serry and informed him that as far as Israel is concerned, the humanitarian truce is over.


The BBC's Martin Patience in Gaza says the clashes came just four hours into what was meant be a 72-hour ceasefire, reinforcing just how difficult it is to get truces to last beyond a very short time.


While it held, much of Gaza was relatively quiet compared to the violence in recent weeks, our correspondent adds. The streets were slowly returning back to life as shops began to reopen. People had been taking the opportunity to stock up on much needed supplies.

TWEET 10:57

Jon Donnison, BBC News, Gaza:

tweets: Local media in gaza say hamas have captured an Israeli soldier in Rafah. Reporting 20 pals killed. Unconfirmed


The IDF says at the beginning of its operation, the Palestinians in Gaza Strip had 10,000 rockets. They now have about 3,000 rockets.