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Teen Twitter Takeover Day: Four museums 'taken over' by teenagers

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Image caption It was the first time the Ulster Museum had taken part in the UK-wide initiative

Teenagers have taken over the twitter accounts for Northern Ireland's three biggest museums - but they have not been hacked.

The Ulster Museum, Folk and Transport Museum and Ulster American Folk Park are taking part in an initiative called Teen Twitter Takeover Day.

The scheme is the brainchild of Dea Birkett, founder of the UK-wide 'Kids in Museums' organisation.

It aims to help connect museums with teenagers.

Image copyright Twitter
Image copyright Twitter

"Museums often have a sign at their door, 'turn off your mobile phones and don't make too much noise'," Ms Birkett said.

Image caption The scheme was started by Dea Birkett, founder of 'Kids in Museums'

"Teenagers love to be on their phones and to chat.

"So, if museums allow teenagers to do that, they'll welcome more in.

"It makes the museum more vibrant and more interesting and gives a whole new take on what the museum is like."

A group of young people from the Prince's Trust spent the day tweeting from the Ulster Museum.

Image caption Darryl told BBC News NI the paintings were his favourite part of the museum

Many, like Darryl, have never visited a museum before.

"This is my first time and I've actually really enjoyed it," he said.

"It's good to be with a group and be social.

"As we've taken over the social media it's more fun, because then we can have more fun with what they offer in the museum.

"The paintings have been my favourite because you can ask people on social media what they think of them."

Image caption Antonio was visiting the museum for the first time since primary school

His friend Antonio was visiting the museum for the first time since leaving primary school.

"I can't really remember what there was then," he said.

"But I've come today and I've really enjoyed it.

"I was the last one around, everyone had to come back to get me because I was so busy looking at stuff."

Image copyright Twitter

Anna Liesching from the Ulster Museum said it can be difficult to get teenagers to visit.

"It's the age group that we're always looking to engage with more," she said.

"Days like today are wonderful because we're working one-to-one with the young people who are here.

"They can give us feedback on how we can improve to get them to return."

Image caption Some of the teenagers took the opportunity to catch Pokemon in new habitats

Members of the Prince's Trust group were interested in many of the exhibitions, ranging from Takabuti the mummy to the display about the events of 1916.

But some also found that the museum was an ideal place to catch a few Pokemon.

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