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Wall Street protesters 'message is taking hold'

An organiser of the Wall Street protests in New York has said their 'message is taking hold' as the number of people protesting against the American financial situation increases throughout the U.S.

Speaking to the BBC's Manuela Saragosa, Thorin Caristo argued that although there are different 'ideologies running around' among the protesters, their current lack of cohesion was part of the 'realistic democratic process'.

Transcript is below.

Thorin Caristo: The overall money that has been spent on these corporate bail outs recently and still not holding them accountable with equal tax structure -the combination- it's leaving people pretty weary. I think we are fortunate that this younger generation actually has the strength to get out here and stand-up, and bring each other and rise up together, because it is a conversation that's necessary.

Manuela Saragosa: You are a very disparate bunch of protesters. Everyone seems to have a different axe to grind in this loosely amalgamated group that you have going there. Doesn't that weaken your message somewhat?

Thorin Caristo: It wouldn't be fair for me to say that it does because what I have noticed being here from day one is that while there is a loose message circling, and there is a lot of different aspects and ideologies running around, and I think honestly as this progresses you are going to start to see the picture clear. And the reason it's taking a second is we are actually using a realistic democratic process.

Manuela Saragosa: Okay. And you are comparing yourself to the Arab Spring. I mean where is the similarity?

Thorin Caristo: That's a loose comparison. I have had people come up and say, "I was in Egypt; this is just like Egypt." And I asked him, I said, "Well, what do you mean by that?" And they said, "Well, you have got a lot of spirited protesters and a core of very concerned, highly educated individuals who are giving up their time and giving up their agendas in life right now to represent a cause that they know is essential. The message is taking hold. People are actually realising that it's a realistic movement that is not just a one- or two-day protest, so they are coming out and joining us.

Manuela Saragosa: What do you say to people on Wall Street who just walk past you guys and say, there are just a bunch of hippies protesting?

Thorin Caristo: I would say, we are the ones yelling from the ground, hey guys you are cutting the branch out from under yourselves. So if they want to listen, they listen and if they don't, then I guess the tree goes on without them.

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  • 05 Oct 2011