Hye-Min Park
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'I study hard to achieve my dream'

Sixteen-year-old South Korean schoolgirl Hye-Min Park explains why she studies from 8am to 11pm each day.

The results of the international school tests - known as Pisa tests - have been published by the OECD.

In previous years, South Korea has been one of the highest achievers - but it means long hours of study for the country's pupils.

Between waking up at 6.30am and getting home at 11pm, 16-year-old Hye-Min Park spends most of each day devoted to study.

As well as normal school, she attends a private cramming session or hagwon, followed by more self-study in the evening.

Hye-Min spoke to BBC News about why she is prepared to take on such a punishing schedule.