Leanne Wood
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Election 2015: Plaid leader Leanne Wood at party launch

Plaid Cymru has unveiled its general election manifesto and pledged to be a "very real alternative" to what it claimed was the austerity consensus from Westminster.

Leader Leanne Wood spoke about the party's poll ratings compared to UKIP, and its stance over potentially working with a minority Labour government, despite Plaid's refusal to back the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons.

She claimed Labour was trying to "frighten people" and said she would not "prop up" a Conservative government.

Speaking to Jo Coburn on the Daily Politics, Ms Wood said: "If people want to end this Tory rule, and they want to end austerity, but they also want to make sure that Wales matters in this election, then there is only way to vote, and that's for Plaid Cymru."

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