"2016 is going to be a come to Jesus moment for the party when it comes to Millenials"
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Trump Effect: 'Millennials need to have a voice'

Much like in advertising, attracting young voters -- like consumers -- is a long-term goal for both major political parties.

After all, they are the voting bloc that will influence American politics for the decades to come.

So tapping the 93 million Millennials in the United States (those aged roughly from 19-29, give or take) should be a top priority for the Republican Party.

And yet by all accounts these young voters are seeking out the likes of Bernie Sanders or, worse still, not planning to vote at all.

Republican strategist Lauren Culbertson tells the BBC why voters her age are concerned about the success of Donald Trump, and why young adults need to have a larger voice in the party if it is to survive.

Edited by Olivia Lace-Evans.

Produced by: Suzanne Kianpour, Barbara Plett-Usher & Mat Morrison

  • 13 May 2016
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