Robert Downey Jr
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Will Downey Jr play Iron Man again?

Robert Downey Jr spoke to Front Row to discuss his latest film The Judge. Produced by his film company Team Downey.

Robert plays Hank Palmer, who returns home to his small Indiana town when he receives a message saying his mother has died. This opens up old animosities between Palmer and his estranged father, the town's popular judge, played by Robert Duvall. When the judge is accused of murder, Palmer steps in.

Robert Downey Jr - star of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zodiac, Tropic Thunder, and of course the Iron man and Sherlock Holmes franchises - discusses the origin of the film, working with Robert Duvall, and how acting in this smaller-scale production compares with playing Iron Man.

Damian Barr spoke to Robert Downey Jr, the full interview is on Front Row on Friday night at 19.15

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