Men pushing lawn-mowers in 1950's Levittown
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Levittown's birth in the post-war boom

Levittown, Pennsylvania is a place born out of America's post-World War II boom as a great suburban migration took off.

The developer, William Levitt, marketed a handful of home models designed to fit a variety of budgets - many of Levittown's original owners were young couples ready to start a family.

Levittown's history since its inception in 1952 is a history of the ups and downs of America's middle class.

Throughout 2012's presidential campaign season, the BBC will visit Levittown as a way to understand issues affecting middle class American's throughout the country.

Produced by the BBC's David Botti

Photos/video: Getty Images, British Pathé, Temple University Urban Archives

Additional materials courtesy: Richard Wagner and Amy Duckett Wagner