Board game designer David Fox at Toy Fair
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US man's quest to design board games

Schoolteacher David Fox designs board games for fun, but now he wants to turn pro. Can he roll the dice, pass go and collect on his dream?

When David Fox arrived at a recent toy convention in New York City it was his chance to realise a lifelong dream.

Since he was eight years old, Fox has designed board games as a hobby. And he wants to see his games on store shelves.

Fox has attended the American International Toy Fair since 1997, hoping to sell his game designs.

This year, the secondary school maths teacher toted eight different games around the convention floor in a rolling suitcase.

The BBC followed him while he sought to pitch his ideas and make a dream come true.

Produced by the BBC's David Botti and by Janet Weinstein

Additional images: Bing Maps and courtesy David Fox