Ahmed Hussain Abdi
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Meet the Somali masters of ice

BBC News meets some of the men behind the African team competing in the world championships for bandy, a fast-paced ball game on ice.

Bandy is not a game that many people know. It is basically ice hockey writ large - played outdoors on a sheet of ice the size of a football pitch, and with a ball not a puck.

Unsurprisingly, the countries that win major competitions are generally from the frozen north - Sweden, Finland or Russia.

But when this year's World Championships take place later this month in Irkutsk in Siberia, there will be a new contender - from Africa.

Somalia are not expected to win many games, but they are likely to gain a lot of new friends.

BBC News visited Ahmed Hussain Abdi and his teammates at their training base in Borlange, Sweden.

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Shot and edited by Nick Woolley. Extra production by Tim Mansel and Mary Harper.