Kenan Trebincevic (left) and his father
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Bosnian exile's search for answers

Kenan Trebincevic was 12 years old when his family was exiled from Bosnia. After two decades in the US, he returned for the first time looking for answers.

Growing up in the Bosnian town of Brcko in the 1980s, Kenan Trebincevic never noticed any ethnic divisions between himself and his neighbours.

That all changed in 1992 when Trebincevic's Serb karate coach arrived at his door armed with an AK 47 and ordered his Muslim family to leave or be killed. Trebincevic was 12 years old.

After two decades in the US, Trebincevic returned to his homeland for the first time, bearing a list of unanswered questions about his past and hoping to confront the people who had betrayed his family.

Trebincevic's memoir The Bosnia List chronicles his experience as a child during the Bosnian War, his family's exile, and his trip back accompanied by his father and brother, looking for answers.

Produced by the BBC's Ashley Semler and Bill McKenna

Photos courtesy Kenan Trebincevic

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