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How to form an orchestra in 10 days

Musician Shaun Buswell gave himself 10 days to build an orchestra from people on the streets of Edinburgh. BBC News followed him to see how he got on.

Musician Shaun Buswell likes a challenge.

In 2012, he set himself the task of building an orchestra entirely composed of people he met on the London Underground and leading them to perform at a top London venue.

This year he took the story of his Tube Orchestra Challenge to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and set himself a similar task.

Shaun set out to form an orchestra from the streets of the Scottish capital, arrange the music and get them ready to play to the public - all in just 10 days.

BBC News followed him to see how he got on.

Real Time is a series for the BBC News website in which ordinary people tell their own extraordinary stories.

Video journalist: Dan Curtis