John Smith on stage
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Deaf comedian John Smith travels the world with slapstick show

John Smith is one of the best-known signing deaf comedians in the UK. He started out in 2005, and has honed his act to the point where he now performs to deaf audiences all over the world.

His humour is mostly visual and slapstick, using exaggerated storytelling and signing to describe the similarities and differences between deaf and hearing people.

In one routine he acts out the delicate, quiet mannerisms of a hearing person using a public toilet, then re-enacts the same sequence as a deaf person, with slamming toilet seats, loud grunting, straining, and repeated flushing.

Smith occasionally gets his wife to provide a live voiceover - so hearing audiences can also enjoy his comedy - but mostly likes to perform for deaf people. After all, he argues, hearing people can go and watch hundreds of different hearing comedians at any time.

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