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'Bullies called me the world's ugliest woman online'

What started as a search for music online - purely homework procrastination - would change Lizzie Velasquez's life.

She was 17 when she stumbled across a YouTube video entitled "The World's Ugliest Woman". What she didn't expect was that the woman featured in the video would be her. It was an eight-second clip and had been watched over four million times.

She didn't realise it was her until it started playing.

"I was shocked," Velasquez recalls, "but it wasn't until I started to read the comments that my stomach really sank."

Velasquez decided to start her own YouTube channel, to let people know who the person behind the "World's Ugliest Woman" video really was, and to teach others they, too, could be confident in their own skin.

She currently has about 240,000 subscribers to her channel and a TED talk she was subsequently asked to give in Austin in 2013 entitled "How do you define yourself?" has over seven million views on YouTube.

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