3D interface
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Optical illusion lets you withdraw cash

Intel have shown off a user interface that allows users to touch the air to enter data, using special glass, and motion sensor cameras.

A new kind of 3D interface has been developed that allows users to "touch" the air to make selections.

It uses a 3D camera and specially designed glass to create an interactive, 3D illusion.

It could be used in public places such as cash dispensers or photo booths in the future, for a more secure and hygienic experience, according to its developers.

The proof of concept device was shown off by Intel's Perceptual Computing Lab at a London event.

Depth-sensing cameras have been used before to replace the mouse, as a way of controlling computers, notably with the Leap device. However, this technology combines the technique with a visible, 3D interface.

The BBC's Dougal Shaw tried out the technology with Scott Dwyer of Intel Labs.