A composite image of Alison Larke (R) and Jason Larke (L). Jason was 4,000km away and watched the birth of his child via virtual reality
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Tech review: A look back at the week's headlines

BBC Click rounds up some of the week's top technology stories, including the news that Uber's ride sharing service, UberPop, has been banned in Germany after a court decided it contravened transport laws.

Uber said it regretted the Frankfurt District Court's decision, saying it represented a "fundamental infringement of our ability under European law to establish and provide a service".

Facebook has updated its guidelines about what can and what cannot be published on the social network.

And virtual reality has allowed an Australian father - who was working over 4,000km (2,485 miles) away - to watch the birth of his child in real time.

More at BBC.com/Click and @BBCClick.

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