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Gambler's £900,000 Scotland referendum bet

An anonymous businessman who bet £900,000 on Scotland remaining part of the UK has spoken to BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine.

The man, who took home £1,093,333.33, said that the bet was not a feckless gamble. He told Jeremy Vine: "Anyone that is prepared to make a reasoned wager, and believes the chance of the reasoned wager happening is a hundred per cent, should bet anything they can afford to."

"If you take a methodical approach, in many ways it actually supports responsibility towards society. I'm a unionist. This was a good message to get out about supporting the union." he added.

The £900,000 bet is believed to be the largest amount which has ever been staked on a political event.

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  • 22 Sep 2014
  • From the section UK