Jordan Withers and Barry Sweeney
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Families search for answers to Malaysia Airlines crash

Six months after Malaysia Airlines MH17 was blown up over Ukraine, the families of the 10 British citizens who died in the plane crash are still looking for answers.

BBC Inside Out followed Jordan Withers whose uncle was killed when the plane crashed in the Ukraine. He has been trying to find out more information on behalf of all the bereaved families in the UK.

He took a journey from his home in Blackpool to meet other relatives including Barry Sweeney whose son, Liam, died in the air crash on his way to a Newcastle United match in New Zealand.

Jordan also spoke to Ian Horsfall, an expert on ballistics from Cranfield University, who analysed mages which he said revealed the plane was probably shot down by a missile.

BBC Inside Out also asks what are the next steps for the families seeking a resolution?

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  • 19 Jan 2015