The man who eats 100 bananas a week
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Dane the fruitarian eats 100 bananas every week

A man from Bristol claims to eat more than 100 bananas a week as part of his 'fruitarian' lifestyle.

Dane Nash - whose diet means he gets at least 80% of his calories from fruit - spends more than £100 a month on the yellow fruit.

He says a usual day consists of two large smoothies in the morning (half a pound of spinach blended with eight to 12 bananas), then a lunch of berries, pears or other fruit blended with another eight to 12 bananas, and then dinner is a salad with at least a pound of leafy greens mixed with other vegetables and sun dried tomatoes.

He says he expects "amazing health, endless energy and fantastic all-round well-being".

  • 02 Aug 2017
  • From the section Bristol