Council's Roman emperor video mocked
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Colchester Council's Roman emperor video mock on social media

A council-funded video suggesting what Emperor Claudius would do if he visited the modern day version of Britain's first Roman city has been mocked on social media.

The film shows a man dressed as the Roman emperor walking in Colchester.

One critic on Twitter said if the Emperor did visit the Essex town "he'd order the crucifixion of the whole council, then get off his horse".

A second said: "He (Emperor Claudius) would probably say what the hell have you done to this place? It's ruined."

But Paul Smith, leader of Colchester Council said he thought the short film was "very good" and disagreed with suggestions the emperor would respond negatively to modern Colchester.

"I suspect he would think Colchester is still a capital city," said Mr Smith. "Even if his temple has been replaced by a modern Castle."

Under the Romans, Colchester - then Camulodunum - became Britain's first Roman city.

The council said the film was made as part of its Fixing the Link walking trail project, which includes way-finders and artwork along the one-mile (1.6km) journey from the railway station to the town centre.

The council has yet to say how much was spent on the video.

  • 28 May 2016
  • From the section Essex