The Golden Cross in Redditch
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The Golden Cross in Redditch - 22.03.12

A last-minute change of plan midweek saw me board the This Wicked Tongue bus as we headed up to a venue I've been meaning to check out for ages. We get lots of great reports about the Redditch scene but gigs on home turf seem to be a rarity - most of the bands seem to session in the Brummy smoke.

I was tremendously impressed though with my first visit to the Golden Cross, just down the hill from the 'old town' part - and accessible without having to navigate the baffling ring-road! It's essentially a bog-standard town centre pub that has just the right structure to be able to turn the daytime lunching area into a medium-sized venue for gigs - via what's obviously a well-oiled routine of shifting of seats and tables (I look out for these things you see)!

This was very much a hard-rock-themed evening - and I was pleasantly surprised with local openers Khaos Theory - not least for their cracking numbers like Take A Shot and Burn Away, but that they also include bassist Mike - who was the token male with the oh-so-promising Rubber Nuns until the sad loss of drummer Justine last year. I'm told that Evie and Kim are hoping to make a musical return very soon though.

It's been a good week for This Wicked Tongue - and we're all keeping our fingers crossed for a breakthrough summer as well. This was by far the finest set I've seen the quartet ever deliver and utter professionalism, stage presence and musical quality was completely the order of the day. Once again, though, this was quite a short set, but without any loss of quality whatsoever. I get the impression that This Wicked Tongue are using gigs like this to fine-tune their existing and newer numbers like In Collusion and Cape Pellorum. There's a lot of bands out there who'll play the same set day-in and day-out - don't be caught out!

This Wicked Tongue have lately been on a gig-swap tour with Redditch's own A Poetic Yesterday and this was the metalsome foursome's return to their own stomping ground for their own homecoming gig. I brought you news, last week, of the Worcester leg at the Firefly - but the tour finishes this weekend up in Lancaster. This gig-share idea is a brilliant example of the way bands can network together and get to play gigs all over the country - simply by not disappearing as soon as you've finished your set but by sticking around and talking to the other bands on the bill - you just keep doing this and sooner or later you'll play every single venue in the land - simples!

Andy O'Hare

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