Elfriede Bliss
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Kettering cleaner, 73, to continue working after £100,000 lottery win

A 73-year-old cleaner who won £100,000 on a lottery scratchcard has pledged to carry on working despite her big win.

Elfriede Bliss, from Kettering, said the first thing she will buy is a new cooker after her old one broke down at Christmas, leaving her with no festive dinner.

Mrs Bliss, who works six days a week at Weetabix in Burton Latimer, said while her husband "got himself all excited over the win, I just sat there calm and collected".

She bought a £2 scratchcard on Monday because "it will not break the bank" and won £6.

Avoiding her usual bus to work the next day she walked to the shop and purchased three more tickets. On her return home she scratched off one card to reveal her £100,000 win.

She said: "I am still working. I am not going to stop yet just because I won that money.

"They are not going to get rid of me that easily."