Jack Heathcote and giant aquarium
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Nottingham giant aquarium man to sell fish

A man who owns what is thought to be Britain's biggest private aquarium in the basement of his home, says he has to get rid of the tropical fish because he can no longer afford the electricity.

Jack Heathcote, from Nottingham, built the 4,500 gallon (20,000 litre) freshwater fish tank 10 years ago.

It previously cost him £6,000 a year in heating and filtering costs but he has now been hit with a £4,500 arrears bill from British Gas.

"It has really cut me up," said Mr Heathcote.

"I have gone to great lengths to provide a suitable spacious home for these creatures. British Gas should have recognised they have made a mistake and not be trying to charge me."

British Gas said it had reduced the bill from £11,000 to £4,500 and sent an accurate readings bill. Mr Heathcote has been threatened with disconnection if he does not pay.