Home Guard training video
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Archive: Ulster Home Guard training video

Northern Ireland had a Home Guard during World War Two - but they were no Dad's Army.

Worried about the dangers of inadvertently training Irish republicans, the authorities opted to place it under the command of the B Specials.

They might have been viewed by Churchill as the only properly armed and disciplined force left to defend UK from a backdoor German invasion, but Catholics were deeply suspicious of the Ulster outfit and did not join up.

A new BBC Radio Ulster documentary, Not Dad's Army - Northern Ireland's Home Guard, tells the story of the controversial Ulster Home Guard.

This clip from "The Story of the Ulster Home Guard" in 1945 shows local volunteers training and preparing in the eventuality of a German invasion.

Used with permission from the Public Records Office Northern Ireland.

Not Dad's Army - Northern Ireland's Home Guard will be broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster at 12:30 GMT on Sunday 1 March 2015. It will then be available on BBC IPlayer radio.