A one Euro coin is displayed on Greek Drachma and Euro banknotes
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Farage: I hope markets bust-up Eurozone

The UKIP leader Nigel Farage, has said he hopes that the markets "bust-up this Eurozone completely", warning that a slow break-up of the currency will create "human suffering on a scale, particularly in the Mediterranean countries, that we haven't seen in Europe since the 1930s".

He told The World At One: "We're now looking at Spain needing possibly another three to 400 hundred billion euros to bail out its banking system and the worry then is that the knock on goes to Italy, which has the third highest level of indebtedness of any country in the world."

But the Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Williams, who is co-chair of the party's treasury committee, said he believed that the problems in one Eurozone country, Greece, "aren't caused by the Euro, Greece's problems are caused by decades of its own government over borrowing and living beyond its means."