Andrew Mitchell
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Andrew Mitchell daughter: 'I still believe in free press'

The daughter of the former chief whip, Andrew Mitchell, has spoken out for the first time about the effect the "plebgate" affair has had on the Mitchell family.

Hannah Mitchell, 25, told the BBC's Becky Milligan that her father had become "withdrawn" during the affair - and also that Downing Street had forced him to make a "watered down" statement to the press.

The "plebgate" row has been going on since Mr Mitchell, then chief whip, was accused last September of calling officers "plebs" after they refused to let him ride his bicycle through the Downing Street's main gates. He has denied using the word or swearing at police officers.

This interview was originally on Radio 4's Broadcasting House and you can hear the full programme on Radio iPlayer. You can also listen to Becky Milligan's Profile of Andrew Mitchell.

  • 28 Oct 2013