Precious Lewis is a part-time hairdresser in Birmingham
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Election 2015: Discussing politics as dinner is served

In the lead-up to General Election, Newsnight is heading away away from the corridors of Westminster and into the homes of three families for a discussion around the dinner table.

It will visit the homes of Precious Lewis, part-time hairdresser and single mother-of-three in Birmingham, Julia Manser, a volunteer development officer in Swansea, and Fraser Besant, who runs his family lighting business in Bristol, joining them and their families for a series of films called This House.

Between setting the table, passing the salt, and dishing up dessert, they will be talking about the issues that matter to them, as well as debating their views on party policies and the politicians themselves, as the election campaign heats up.

Watch the first of the films on Newsnight on Wednesday 18 February from 22:35 GMT on BBC Two.

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