Carmen Blandin Tarleton shown before the attack (l), after the attack (m), and after her face transplant (r)
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What it's like to have a new face

BBC Newsnight speaks to Carmen Blandin Tarleton - one of the few people in the world to have had a successful face transplant.

What is it like to have a new face? That is a question that only a very few of people in the world can answer.

One of them is Carmen Blandin Tarleton, a nurse from the US who was attacked by her estranged husband.

She was left with 80% burns after he doused her with industrial-strength detergent. Doctors described it as "the most horrific injury a human being could suffer".

By the time she was on the list for a face transplant, she had been in surgery 58 times. Two years ago she had 17 hours of surgery to get a new face, only the seventh person in the US to do so. She spoke to BBC Newsnight's Kirsty Wark.