Ruth Davidson
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Election 2015: Scots Tory Davidson says Fosyth 'fallen into nationalist trap'

Scotland's Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has dismissed Tory peer Lord Forsyth's warning that building up the SNP to damage Labour threatens the future of UK.

In an interview on BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme she said: "I think Lord Forsyth has fallen into a bit of a nationalist trap here by framing this as a Scotland versus England thing, and it is not.

"Unionists across the whole of the UK are concerned and frightened about the sort of concessions that the SNP being in charge of a weak Labour government could bring and whether those concessions would put the UK - that I fought for, that many people fought for, that we won a referendum on - at risk.

"And there is a clear way to avoid this and that is to elect a majority Conservative government that will do no deals with the SNP."

Lord Forsyth told the Guardian newspaper that the Tory strategy to talk up the nationalists' possible role after the 7 May election result was "a short-term and dangerous view" which could "threaten the integrity of our country".

  • 21 Apr 2015