Jim Murphy
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Jim Murphy: 'I've never been a Unionist'

The leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Jim Murphy, told the BBC he had never been a "Unionist" but he accepted that organisations with different political histories could come together.

Mr Murphy explained during an interview with BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: "There are different political traditions in Scotland.

"There is a tradition which immigrants bring to the country. There is tradition based upon class, on geography. And the fact is that in September last year different political traditions found a common purpose. I respect traditional unionism - it's just not my political background.

"What we had was the Conservative and Unionist Party and the Labour and trade union movement and the majority of people in those two organisations from a different political history come together in one day in September."

He added: "That was last year's alliance - last year was about Scotland's constitutional future, this year is whether we want David Cameron to stay in Downing Street."

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