Mark Drakeford
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'Eat better, move more, drink less' to live healthily

The Welsh government has a responsibility to help create the conditions for people to live healthily, says Health Minister Mark Drakeford.

However he also said the NHS should not be there to "pick up the pieces" if people became ill through their lifestyle.

He told the BBC Wales series Live Longer Wales, which runs throughout October: "It's more than education, it's about motivation as well and it's about persuading people that if they want to live longer and they want to live healthily it means eating better, moving more and drinking less."

A BBC Wales poll found 82% of people thought a Welsh health board's policy of making overweight people attend health courses before being put on treatment lists should be extended.

Mr Drakeford was speaking to presenter Steve Evans.

'Lifestyle changes affecting NHS'

  • 07 Oct 2013
  • From the section Wales